How do I count the rows in a portal?

Discussion created by b24mike on Sep 11, 2015
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Hi all:

Thanks to the great help I've gotten here, I'm making a lot of progress in my World War II database for my dad's outfit during the war.  The attached image is from one record (1 of 311 records) with a few facts about an individual airplane.  The portal shows the chronological sequence that the plane flew each mission.  The mission table provides the mission number (1-280), the date the mission was flown, target bombed, aircraft identification, bombing results, and the number of hours flying time for each mission.  At the bottom is the summation of total flying time for each aircraft.

What I would like to do is add another field down by total flying time to display a numerical number of the count of missions flown.  If a plane flew every mission, then that number would be 280.

I'm assuming it would be as simple as defining a field in the layout set to a value of 1 that gets added to some accumulator (display counter).  Every time a new row is added, the accumulator is incremented.  The ID field shows the current record number (16).  If I go to another record, how do I clear the accumulator so that I get a clean count for the next airplane?

Counter example.JPG