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    FM and mandarin China


      Has any of you developed an app for users using Mandarin China? Any issues? Can anyone recommend developers in mainland China. I mean recommend based on real life experience.

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          Developers in HongKong are ok too if they employ developers with mandarin Cina skills

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            Any issues?


            We have a few chapters in Mandarin in one of the books. FileMaker coped quite well, I did not notice any problems. Fonts mostly worked, occasionally you can get hieroglyphs replaced with squares. The character info still retained and they do work after export. There was something with the field setup in Storage/Language. All fields are set to English by default so some searches stopped working. I tried to set the fields to Chinese, but ended up with Unicode in the end.


            We import from SQL Server using Stored Procedures, so a lot of varchar variables had to be re-written as nvarchar.


            As far as I remember, there was a problem with the  field export, which is UTF-16 by default and we needed UTF-8 for our workflow.


            So, the problems were generally not with FileMaker but with integrated system around it.