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Has anyone solved the WebDirect 13 "fonts turned grey" problem?

Question asked by Doug Staubach on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2017 by gcortesi

Hi community.


Things were fine with WebDirect on v13 for a long time, but then 100% of our databases started experiencing the same problem (fonts look normal when viewed with full FM client, but turned light grey when displayed on WebDirect, regardless of O/S or browser version).


We have tried changing font colors in the layout, saving as a new style, saving as a new theme, etc. -- nothing fixes the problem.


I have seen posts from other people who were experiencing the same thing (both here and on the FileMaker support site) -- the complaints seem to have started early this year, but no solutions have been offered - seems like the TS folks ask ridiculous questions and make lame suggestions until the end-user finally gives up and files a support ticket.


Has anyone found a solution, or at least made a positive identification of the root cause?