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Is there a method for rotating just-taken photos in FMGo 14?

Question asked by tcmeyers on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by schamblee

I frequently encounter a photo orientation problem when taking photos from within FileMaker Go 14 to be put in a container field. For some reason if the iPhone is the somewhat shooting downward the orientation is recorded as Portrait when my intention is Landscape. Or even "upside-down" if I'm shooting almost vertically. I end up having to take and retake the photo until I've tilted it just right so it doesn't report the wrong orientation.


As a work around I've tried moving the photo to the iPhone Photos photo library, and using the simple edit tool there (rotate tool) to change the orientation to what I need, but then on fetching it from Photos into FMGo, the orientation is still displayed wrong - it seems FMGo is not honoring the rotation info provided by the edit.


Interestingly, FMPro (14) also displays a photo rotate-edited in this manner the same as in FMGo, that is, not corrected --- but when output by FileMaker Server 14 using XML, the photo IS displayed correctly.


Am I missing tools in FMGo for correcting orientation? This seems pretty basic.