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    Filtering Value Lists By Field Value


      Here is a brief illustration on how I have this setup...

      Table #1: Transaction
      Table #2: Contacts
      Table #3; trans_contact_HUB (connecting table between Transaction and Contacts, many to many)


      The "trans_contact_HUB" portal is being displayed on the Transaction layout in order to add contacts to the the connecting HUB table. A value list within the portal is being used to display and choose the contact to add. I know I can add a filter to the portal to only show contacts that match a field like "Client" so that I can only add the Contacts that are labeled. The filter seems to only affect what is seen. In this case, I don't want them to even see the other Contacts unless they are listed as "Clients" in the Contacts table.

      Is there a way to filter a value list so that it only shows the Contacts that are entered as "Clients).


      I posted a screen shot below as that might clarify my question if this doesn't read well.



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          In your Contacts table you will need a field to display Type in which you store the values client, attorney, etc. In the Transactions table you will need a global field in which to enter the particular type you want your list to display. Then create a relationship between the two tables linking these two fields. Then create a value list to display the values from the Type field on the Contacts table, but check "show only related values" starting from Transactions.

          Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.42.48 am.png

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            Ok, not sure if that will work for my setup or I just am not understanding.

            I have a many to many relationship between transaction and contact for

            which a third table hub is used to collect the ID from the other two tables

            to connect them. The "Client" field is defined within the third table (HUB)

            after the transaction and contact is added to that table.


            The transaction layout holds the portal for the HUB. Attempted to do what

            you said but the result was only getting one of the contacts, out of four

            would show up multiple times.


            I will keep playing around with it, see if I can figure this out.


            Thanks for your reply. I at east learned about that field you pointed out,

            that might be result if I can get it to work.


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              See if the attached demo file helps.

              EDIT:  this second version os probably more like what you want.