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Filtering Value Lists By Field Value

Question asked by raykennedy on Sep 13, 2015
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Here is a brief illustration on how I have this setup...

Table #1: Transaction
Table #2: Contacts
Table #3; trans_contact_HUB (connecting table between Transaction and Contacts, many to many)


The "trans_contact_HUB" portal is being displayed on the Transaction layout in order to add contacts to the the connecting HUB table. A value list within the portal is being used to display and choose the contact to add. I know I can add a filter to the portal to only show contacts that match a field like "Client" so that I can only add the Contacts that are labeled. The filter seems to only affect what is seen. In this case, I don't want them to even see the other Contacts unless they are listed as "Clients" in the Contacts table.

Is there a way to filter a value list so that it only shows the Contacts that are entered as "Clients).


I posted a screen shot below as that might clarify my question if this doesn't read well.