Trailing summary in list view?

Discussion created by AndrewJudd on Sep 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2015 by erolst

Hi all, I'm struggling to get some summary fields to total up values from a list view (which is the print layout for my sales reports layout).


I'll attach a few images to show the layouts and my relationships etc. The fields themselves are summary fields from "ARTWORK" which show a total of another number field (Sold for). 


The issue I am having is they only total up the last line items record. Not all. So when you export a pdf the values are only the last one in the list..


The fields work fine on the browse layout (which is based on "SALES REPORTS"). The print layout is based on "SALES REPORTS LINE ITEMS". In both the same fields are from "ARTWORK".


Be great to hear any thoughts.


Thank you!






Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 18.20.54.png




Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 18.21.41.png





Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 18.23.27.png