"Set Window Title" script step name is confusing

Discussion created by realgrouchy on Sep 11, 2015
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I don't use the "Set Window Title" script step too often but whenever I do I always have a hard time finding it. A quick Google search finds a number of places where people ask how to change the window name.


Therefore, I just submitted this as a feature request, wherein I make the case that the script step "Set Window Title" is not intuitive and should instead be "Rename Window" (or "Set Window Name").


The script step for renaming a window is "Set Window Title". I think it should be "Rename Window" or "Set Window Name".


The terminology used in the current script step is inconsistent with all of the functions relating to the window name use the phrase "Window Name": In the New Window dialog, the function Get (WindowName), etc. Layout Name functions also refer to "Name" and not "Title".


With the new Script Workspace's reliance on keyboard shortcuts, this becomes even more frustrating because when you type in "Name", the only two script steps that are suggested are not relevant. When you type in "Ren[ame]" there are no suggestions. When you type in "Window" the first page of suggestions are not the desired script step; you have to scroll down to "Set Window Title" at the very bottom. Indeed, the only suggestion when you type "Title" into a new script step, Get Window Title is the only step that refers to a "Title", and similarly when you type "Title" or Get(Title... into a function line there is nothing that uses this terminology.


I understand this function has been in use for a long time, but it looks like there are forum posts dating back to at least 2009 with people asking how to rename a window because the script step is "Set Window Title" and not something they are looking for. This change would make it FMP's script workspace more approachable to new users who are not expert coders.


As for whether "Rename Window" or "Set Window Name" is more appropriate, I'd argue the former for the following reasons:

- Most window functions are in the form [Verb] Window

- This script step can be called uniquely by typing only three characters "Ren..." instead of six "Set Wi" (competing with "Set Web Viewer")

- The description for this script step is "Changes the title of a window", and a window always has a name (even if it's just the file name), so the verb "rename" more appropriately reflects the scope of the script step's functionality (The verb "set" implies you can define something that is not yet defined)


FYI, in case you have this difficulty too.


- RG>