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    Receipt View




      I am new to FileMaker. I am in the process of creating my first solution. It is basically a database for a sports lounge. It tracks what they buy to eat or drink. Also if they want to play the sports they offer there.


      I have the products they sell in different tables. Such as; beverages in one table, food in one table, hookah in one table and so on.

      Each product table has a bill_id field. I have a Table Page that generates a Bill # which relates to the product tables::bill_id


      On the Table page, I have portals setup for each product so they can choose the product and it would calculate the price based on quantity.

      This shows the workers how much each bill has spent.


      Although I have the amount they spent on each product on the Table Page, I would like to make a type of list on the side that shows each thing they have bought. Kind of like a receipt. I tried to do this with a portal that would filter out if productName>"" but I cannot add different products as they are on different tables.


      I'm not sure what direction to take as I am fairly new to FMP.


      *Note: I have attached a pic of the layout in question

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          You would be better off to put all you products in one table and add a ProductType field to filter the individual product types in your layout. This would allow you to more easily show the line items on the side. Although they are all in the main area as well. This may not be the best use of space, but I am sure you have a reason.

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            Thanks! I appreciate the help. I was also thinking that I already have the purchases showing. Just thought it would look easier to be able to view all the numbers in one small location.


            Is it a better idea to put all products in one table and add a ProductType field like you said?

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              yes! just for this reason (to report on a receipt, for example). You can always display as you have with the filtered portal.


              OTOH, you may be able to create a "Receipt" by using the ExecuteSQL() function and the use of UNION ALL between the SELECTs from each table.

              This would be combined into one field and you can apply tab stops to make it more 'receipt-like' based on the tab-delimited nature of the results.


              But typically ONE table with a "type" field helps for initial storage.




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              Is it a better idea to put all products in one table and add a ProductType field like you said?