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Filemaker's SQL GROUP BY is unacceptably and pathetically slow !

Question asked by Vincent_L on Sep 12, 2015
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Here's a very simple file, 29000 records of 4 fields (all fully indexed)


Dropbox -


The only think that solution does is


ExecuteSQL("SELECT Product_ERP from fast_products_to_cat GROUP BY Product_ERP";"";"")


My Macbook Pro Retina takes 4 minutes 50 seconds !

My 2010 Core i7 Macbook Pro : 7 min 48 seconds


This is pathetic. FMI should fix this, as well as many thinks in their FQL implementation which needs a complete rewrite imho).


P.S : This test solution is derived from actual use. Default log pass : Admin / blank

FMPa 14v2 Mac