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Enter non breaking space using Find / Replace

Question asked by sccardais on Sep 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by beverly

How can I enter a non-breaking space using Find / Replace in a script?


I'm importing a spreadsheet that includes Full_Name with each word separated by a normal space in the format of First Middle Last.


A calculation field rearranges the Full_Name field to sort the names alphabetically by last name. e.g. "John Smith" becomes, "Smith, John".


In several cases, I want Last_Name to show the last two words. e.g. "Michael Van Heusen". My calculation rearranges this to "Heusen, Michael Van". I want "Van Heusen, Michael".


Inserting a non-breaking space (option-shift-space) between Van Heusen works if I enter it manually but copying this and pasting into Find/Replace does not work - from the menu or in a script step.


Is there a way to insert a non-breaking space using Find / Replace in a script or can anyone recommend another way to accomplish the same?