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Error 812 with PSoS

Question asked by CICT on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by CICT

We've hit our first problem with exceeding the hosts capacity using perform script on server using FMS14.0v2 and Windows 2012. There are no plug-ins installed on the server.


Until now we've left the number of simultaneous connections set to the standard 25. However, even using a simple test script generated the 812 error after using 'fmsadmin stop fmse' and 'fmsadmin start fmse' to restart the script engine. From what we've read so far, restarting the script engine in the command line has been the best advice to resolve this. We'd like to understand what could cause this error after restarting the script engine then immediately running a very simple test PSoS script.


Upping the simultaneous connections to 50 has provided a temporary fix and wondered whether anyone has proven methods to monitor what is going on? The log file provides virtually no information other than when the script engine is restarted and we have both our own and customer's solutions hosted, with between 25 and 30 schedules on this server. However, the vast majority of these are scheduled to run overnight. This server has run very reliably with the same databases and same schedules in both FMS v13 and v14, so we don't really know why this should suddenly happen.


Any input would be very welcome.