Strange script execution order in FM14

Discussion created by flukey on Sep 13, 2015
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Using FMA 14.0.2 64 bit on Windows 8.1, no server.


I am developing an application and I am seeing some strange script behavior.


I have a script that executes and then calls a subscript, which in turn calls another subscript, and so on.  In the originating script, after the call to perform the subscript I have a GTL to take me back to the original layout.  This script step fails every time when the scripts are run at normal speed.  However when I run them using the debugger everything works normally.


In another case I have a popover on the screen and issue a Close Popover command to close it.  Several script steps later I issue a Show Custom Dialog (SCD) to get some user response.  When run at full speed, the popover does not close before the SCD shows.  Once the user responds to the SCD and the SCD closes, then the popover closes.  Again, everything works fine if it is run with the debugger on.


It is almost like certain script steps or sub scripts are run on separate threads and there is a race condition to see which steps finish first because of improper synchronization.



Anyone seen anything like this?