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    Backwards compatibility with FMP8 server?


      Hi All,


      We have a very old server running FileMaker Pro 8 and are curious about backward compatibility with it (we do not want to upgrade the server).  We currently have a slew of OSX 10.5 and 10.6 machines running FMP8 to access the server, but these are getting rather tired and we need to get FMP on our new computers.


      What versions of FMP can access/edit a FMP8 server and run on OSX 10.10?  We are (clearly) not opposed to running a slightly older version of FMP to achieve this.




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          In theory, version 11 can connect to a version 8 server and will run under 10.10 (at least it seems to run fine on my iMac). However, version 11 exits support this month, and you're looking at a very serious situation going forward, since the .fp7 format is being deprecated. I would urge you to consider upgrading to a supported product and format.


          Just my $0.02.



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            Markus Schneider

            V8 won't run on newer Macs (Intel..). Client-Versions 8.5 - 10 will have some issues, V11 runs fine (at least for now...)


            Problem with updating would be that You need newer machines - FM14 needs Mavericks or Yosemite. Increases the cost for an update )-:

            You could buy a current version and ask for a downgrade - but (at least here in Europe) FMI seems no longer like that, one has to confirm that an upgrade is in the works. Means, that You are running in troubles when one more client is needed - or a new machine joins the network...


            If You are less than 5 people, a system without a server could be used - but then, You have to script the 'backups' by Yourself  (only the server will do automatic backups). Server is the first point when it comes to security/backups


            I personally would prefer an upgrade. V8 came on the market about 2005 - 10 years ago. Every decade an update (-:

            (at least..)

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              Alright, so general consensus seems to be that FMP11 works for our situation as of right now, with the obvious possibility that it will not run on future OSX updates.


              I put some time in trying to find copies online, whether downloads or disc, and couldn't find anything that seemed to be a legitimate full installation.  Anybody on here know where I can find a v.11 install? Will I have to buy FMP14 and downgrade, as mentioned above?  Seems an odd way...


              I would love to upgrade everything but it's just not going to happen.  Our graphics dept. is up to speed but the sales dept. is back in 2005 and that's what's holding us back.  The only thing that will trigger an update is the computers melting down, becoming unrepairable and unreplaceable (yes, we have recently purchased ten year old used computers in order to avoid upgrading).  I know it doesn't make the most sense, but you try convincing our billing dept. to approve an upgrade

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                You might be able to find an installer on the secondary market through eBay or Craigslist or something of that nature. If not, then yes, the "official" path is the buy-and-downgrade path.


                As far as approving the upgrade, it's often difficult to convince people of the "ain't broke, don't fix" mindset to spend money. Nevertheless, it's shortsighted. It's pay me now, or pay me later. Eventually, the old technology will fail and be irreplaceable. Or you'll have to buy a computer, and it won't be able to run the old OS (or you won't be able to get a copy of it). Or the new OS won't run the old system. At that point, your entire operation comes to a crashing halt because the bean counters didn't plan ahead. How expensive is downtime? How much do you pay your people to sit idle while you scramble to get back on line?


                Bean counter personalities are notorious for looking only at the upgrade price, failing to include the lost productivity, security risk, or downtime associated with using outdated technology. It's kind of like driving on bald tires to avoid spending money on new ones. Yeah, you can probably get away with it for a while, but is the risk worth it? What about after the accident during a rain storm? Is it still worth it? It's not that the bean counters aren't well-intentioned (and let's face it; we gear-heads can get distracted by the newest, shiniest object pretty easily); it's just they don't include everything in their analysis.





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                  Markus Schneider

                  I got a call from a man who still used FileMaker Pro 2.0 (last summer). He had an old grey G3 running - that crashed. We were able to help - but as he realized what that means (he got several hundred separate files, he created a new file for every new job, as it might be 'normal' during the nineties (we had a more database-style with FileMaker 2.0..)), he decided to search for another second hand machine. The data will be lost the next time..


                  if he just had updated a while back to V5, then mabey to V8...