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FM Server 14 multiple users logged in multiple times on their same device.

Question asked by stevecarter on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by stevecarter

We upgraded to FM Server 14 several months ago, and things seemed to be working well.  We upgraded to 14.02 about a month ago and that seemed to install and run without issue.  But lately, users are remaining logged in and from discussion with the end users they're not logging out.  They say they may of noticed FileMaker "kind of freeze up" for a minute or two.  Other than that they have no idea they maybe logged in up to 10 times.  At least as reported by the admin console.


We're also getting errors on the clients saying that the record can't be edited by the that same user.  For example, FM would display an error say that I, Steve Carter, am currently editing the record and need to wait until I finish editing the record.  It even gives me the button to message myself but I never get the message if I do send one.


It's mostly happening to FM Go clients, and OSX laptops, but occasionally it happens to OSX desktops and Windows machines.


Right now in our database that gets the most traffic, is says that 68 users are logged in, but if I count unique names I only have 26.


Also, if I try and forcefully remove users it takes two to three attempts to actually kick them out.


Can anybody point me to a solution?


Thank you,

Steve Carter