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Portal Command Menus

Question asked by disabled_rosalie on Sep 15, 2015

I Have 4 tables


1. Button Menus

Field NamesTypeComments
Button_HighlightCalculationUnstored,=If( Dashboard::MenuKey = Button_Name; Globals::Menu_Graphics[1] )
Button_DisplayCalculationUnstored,=If( Dashboard::MenuKey = Button_Name; TextStyleAdd ( Button_Name ; Bold ); Button_Name )


2. Dashboard


Field NamesTypeComments


3. Warehouse


Field NamesTypeComments
MATERIALS ID MATCH FIELDTextIndexed, Auto Enter-serial ; Cant Modify
Material Receiving NumberNumberAuto Enter-serial
Material NameTextIndexed
Material Lot NumberNumberIndexed, Auto Enter-serial ; Cant Modify


4. Globals

Field NamesTypeComments
Sorting_IconsContainer [3]Globals
Menu_GraphicsContainer Globals




Button Menus x Dashboard ( Button_Name ; ButtonKey)

Dashboard x Warehouse  ( Username ; MATERIALS ID MATCH FIELD)

I have a portal from Button Menus Table with the following Records ( Add Material ; Delete Material ; Go to List View ; Print ) I want to use them as my Command Menus.

Can you please share your expertise on how I do that using script.

Please see attached file.

Thank you so much.