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      I have deployed FM 14 Server and FM Pro and Advanced 14 on Windows 7 machines.

      Server has 16 GB Ram and 4 cores and SSD drives and very fast machine but on all computers it was much slower the database.


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          Benjamin Fehr

          Did you install 64-bit OR 32-bit versions?

          When you say, "it was much slower", do you compare to FM 13 experiences?

          low latency of your local network could also be a issue. Ping should be <50ms.

          High latency can compensate all performance gain from SSD, fast CPU's and multi-processors down to zero.

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            Dear, thanks for the response. I installed 64bit and the response time is 1ms. It is an internal server with 2GB connection so very fast.

            The comparison is from FM13 to FM 14 with the exact infrastructure, from server, to users to network. Nothing has changes not even any programming on the files.

            Any suggestions?

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              Benjamin Fehr

              The german FMM-Forum has lot of developers highly improved on FMServer:



              (Steven_FL doesn't tell if it is referring to Florida OR Fürstentum Lichtenstein )

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                thanks I will read it, FL stands for Florida, but I'm Swiss and ich kann gut Deutsch, habe meine ganze Schule in der Schweiz besucht. Somit vielen Dank fuer den Link. Alles Gute.