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How to perform a find using multiple fields/layouts on webdirect?

Question asked by LauraJones on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by samjs

Hi all,


I have recently uploaded my database onto the server and my colleagues and I are now imputing data using a web browser. I am the only person who had a FileMaker Pro license and so I have had to describe to others how do perform certain actions using the webdirect version of the database. The issue I am having is that the find mode in webdirect seems extremely limited in comparison to FileMaker Pro. This is a major issue because one of the main requirements for my team is that we can all search the database and export all the data we require.


In FileMaker Pro I can use the table view and add fields from multiple layouts. This means I can perform a find request using multiple fields form multiple layouts (which I need to be able to do), and then export all the data from the fields I need as long as I have added those fields to the table view. In the web browser version, performing simple find requests is easy enough but how can I search using multiple fields from multiple layouts? Without the table view I don't see how I can add fields from other layouts. I tried performing a search using fields from one layout, and then performing a second find using the option 'constrain find', but if you do this and switch to a different layout for the second find, it doesn't work and starts the find from scratch rather than constraining the previously found set.


Is there anyway to perform a more complex find in the web browser or will I have to spend even more money on more FileMaker Pro licenses to be able to do something which should be common place for anyone with a database.