FMS 14 (Win/Mac) - Unable to "Perform script on server" if hosted file has custom extension (e.g. USR)

Discussion created by dev@media-do on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by TSGal

FileMaker Server 14

Windows 8.1 Pro and Mac OS X 10.10

Custom file-extensions (.USR) registered in FileMaker server admin console.


When i try to run the "Perform script on server" script-step on a hosted file (with a custom file extension), the script step throws a error. (file not found)

Also, if i try to create a scheduled task in filemaker server admin console, it throws the following error:

"no scripts are available for the specified account"


If i rename the extension a the file to fmp12, the script-step throws no error and runs as supposed. Even the scheduled script can be created without errors.

It seems, than FMSE (filemaker script engine) doesn't like custom extension even if registered in filemaker server admin console.