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    Stored External Container Data - Custom Directory


      I seem to be missing a step or two,


      I am wanting to store my container data securely on a separate drive (container data only) on my FileMaker Server.


      I have added a new hard drive to the machine for this purpose only.


      When adding additional database folders under the Server 14 Admin console with this only make the container data path relative to the now additional new database folder? Or will I be able to use the additional set up for container data to map to the new drive?


      In doing the above I am still not able to map the location so I am assuming the two are related.


      When setting up the container data storage options I only have the default location as an option. How do you add additional locations? Is it possible to set up custom locations?


      Thanks in advance



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          Thank you for your post.


          You are able to store container data securely on a secondary drive. For example, you might make the additional Database Folder Path on the C:/ and then the Container Data Path on the D:/. For more information on setting up additional database folder see page 75 of the FileMaker Server 14 Help Guide.


          If it’s a new Database you can move the file to your new Database Folder Path on the C:/ and start adding data to the containers, which will be stored in your D:/ path. If there are already containers using External Data Storage you will need to move the Files Storage folder from Data > Databases > RC_Data_FMS > (FolderName) to your new Container Data Path on the D:/RC_Data_FMS/(FolderName).


          You will not need to map the location via FileMaker Pro when using Secure Data Storage. For more information on storing container field data externally see Knowledge Base Article #10244.


          I hope this information is of use!



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