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Nested case statements - Please provide clarity

Question asked by lbl159 on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

Case ( S3_security description 1 = "Liquidation Preference" ;

Case ( S3_Investments_Entities::S3_Financing Round Order 1 = S3_Investments_Entities::S3_Financing Round 1;

Case ( S3_Liquidation Preference Value 1 ≥ S3_Total Liquidation Value; S3_Total Liquidation Value ;

S3_Liquidation Preference Value 1 < S3_Total Liquidation Value ;

S3_security description 1 = "Pari-Passu" ;

S3_security description 1 = "Participating Preferred" ;



I'm working on a very large calculation that has many parameters and many sub parameters to determine what to calculate. 


I've created the shell of the formula and how I am going to lay it out. I don't have very much experience with FMP/Database/Coding work.  How does the syntax look so far? Any better suggestions than the way I am doing it?


It's color coded because I'm doing it in Word to help keep track of all of the function parts when creating this system.