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    Radio Buttons Text Alignment Issue


      Dear All,


      In my layout i added some more radio buttons, but i tired in many themes to resolve this. But i can't. Even i was aligned the text as Centered text fields.


      How to solve, see marked in image ->  Radio button text alignments, cropped texts


      System Configuration:- Windows XP SP3 / FileMaker 12.0.1


      Help me to solve!!




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          Are both radio button sets using the same style and (importantly) with no local formatting overrides?  Also, did you leave the padding set at original defaults (which FMI sets in ems), or did you tweak one or more padding values?  Em units scale in a predictable way with font size changes.  Once you tweak the padding, however, the local formatting (or custom style saved from it) stores the padding in points, rather than ems, which don't always scale predictably when you change font size.


          Just a couple thoughts.




          [Edit: I just noticed you're on version 12, thus no custom styles, or padding adjustments available to you.  It's worth considering that FileMaker 14 exposed a lot more object components (including the individual components of Radio Button Sets) for formatting.  A lot of the layout-object formatting frustrations of version 12 have been addressed in versions 13 and (especially) 14.  By comparison, there just wasn't much control over this stuff in 12.]

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            Dear mark_scott,


            Got an idea after I see your thoughts! Thanks


            Someone overrided the setting of Line Spacing - Height alignment on my Layout. Thats why got the issue!!



            But in some cases, I cant solve if I wasn't change those settings !! There what should i want to do ?! Which size will not affect the design layout for Radio buttons?


            Alignment Settings: Left Bottom / Height: 0.235 inch / Above Below : 0 / Indents : 0

            Thanks in advance!!

            - Suresh