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How to import data from sql dump file ?

Question asked by Boblebad on Sep 16, 2015
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I'm new til Filemaker and Mac. I recently switched to Macbook Pro. Before that i was on Linux for some years. And then before that for many years on Windows, where i used Microsoft Access.


Thirst things first. I didn't buy a Mac to install Windows on it, so i needed something that could do almost the same as Access. So now i'm here on Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced. And i love it


Many things are easier than with Access and it's easy to learn too.


Regarding my project in Filemaker, i need to import some data from a MySQL dump file. I have used the help files here on the site. I have downloaded the ODBC driver. Got it installed and set up and also to some extend connection with Filemaker.


There of course is something i don't understand, cause it does not work. When trying to import data from the sql file via ODBC external data source, i get a password error. I have tried setting a login, but it does not work.


And then there's another thing i don't understand. Through the help files here, it doesn't say anything about how the file gets connected as the external data source. But maybe this will show itself if the password worked.


There are some things that are skipped in the help files. The server/host settings. As i understand it, i don't need the server version of Filemaker to import from sql files or databases. So how will Filemaker know which files is connected to the login ?


I'm on fully a up-to-date Yosemite on Macbook Pro mid2012. I have installed what the help files told me to. And i also afterwards tried to install the driver from the MySQL site. But the problem is the same; password error.


Can someone help me out, i must have missed something or maybe something went wrong ?


All the best