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    Multi Lingual Database


      Creating a database that will be accessed by many people, speaking at least two different languages. I've used merge variables to change the labels of everything based on a language preference they will select. Most of my fields will be drop downs, checkboxes, etc. So the contents will be pretty standard. Which makes it easy to translate the contents of these fields. However, there is a pretty major field that can either be selected from a list or typed. This field, along with others will be e-mailed out to other people. Is there any one that knows a way to take the contents of this field and translate it to either English or Spanish, without having to open up something like Google Translate, copy the field's contents into there and see the result, as that is too time consuming?

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          I'm not sure how you're going to get that. Maybe script a hook into Google Translate's API? Use a web viewer to make it simpler for users to cut and paste?


          I work a lot in the translation industry, and it really depends what this text is going to be and how accurate the translation should be. I'd be surprised if Google Translate gets 80% accuracy in Spanish/English. Depending on your need, that may be enough. Have you tried it with bilingual speakers and sample field data?


          "No estoy seguro de cómo se va a conseguir eso. Quizás gancho en el Traductor de Google API ?
          Pero yo trabajo mucho en el sector de la traducción , y realmente depende de lo que este texto va a ser y cómo precisa la traducción debe ser. Yo sería sorpresa si Google Translate obtiene 80 % de precisión en Español / Inglés . Dependiendo de su necesidad , que puede ser suficiente. ¿Lo has probado con hablantes bilingües y datos de campo muestra?"


          I'm not fluent in Spanish, but the above doesn't seem too bad. I don't know if there's anything else as cost-effective as Google Translate but the quality may not be there.

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            I was hoping some one had something for free. I guess not. I'll look into the Google Translate API. Thanks!