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    Generating unique checkbox sets


      Hi there,


      Hoping someone can help. I've looked at other solutions I thought would address this but none seemed to quite work. I've attached an image to help my explanation.


      Basically, I have a series of related tables. The main table is "Collection". Each collection can have multiple "Items". This is the main element of the database and all of that is working correctly. Where I'm having trouble is with a third element, an additional table called Requests. This is a form which allows users at my company to request specific items from a collection to be delivered to our offices.


      If you look at the screenshot attached you'll see the pink field, which is a checkbox set created using a value list of all the Items related to a specific Collection (indicated by the "Collection Ref" field). When checkboxes are ticked the results of that process appear in the green field, the contents of which will be emailed to the person responsible for actioning the request. So far so good. However, when I create a brand new request, although the value list will change depending on which Collection is selected, the checked selections themselves are maintained, i.e they're not reset to be un-ticked. What is it I'm doing wrong here, and can anyone offer a solution?


      A massive thanks in advance!

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          Is the (pink) checkbox field a regular, non-global text field in the Request table?

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            Hi Erolst,


            Thanks for your reply. The field is global, yes. But the problem remains even when regular. My suspicion is that it's something to do with the relationships in play - I'm not a complete beginner with FM, but sometimes the more complex relationship setups get away from me.


            In case it's of use, I've attached a second screen grab to show how the relationships work in this DB. Hopefully you can spot something amiss...


            Collections Database - Relationships.png


            The"Item Picking List" table's relationship with "Collections" allows the results of the request selection to appear in that (green) items requested field. Is there a more elegant way to set that up?


            Thanks a lot,