DDR has wrong location for CustomStyles for Objects

Discussion created by nickorr on Sep 15, 2015
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The documentation for the DDR at :


FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced Database Design Report XML Output Grammar


says that CustomStyles for Objects are at the location of :




But in fact they're one level deeper, under ( for example, for a text object ) :




( replace TextObj with whatever type they are. )  You can recreate this in a test file :


Create a new file, put some text on the layout, select a style for the text object and then generate the DDR.


This makes it a harder to locate the CustomStyles data as you need to also match against all the possible child node types.


So either the documentation is wrong, ( and it doesn't seem to list all possible child node types as well ) or the DDR is wrong.  I'd prefer that the DDR was wrong, and the correct location for the CustomStyles node was as a child of the Object.


This is also more of a issue for a Rect or Line object, because for them, the location of the CustomStyles node is as a child of the Object node ( as per the documentation ) because they don't seem to have their own custom child node.


So any XPath code to locate the CustomStyles data for any given Object needs to look in two possible places, one with a large number of non defined names.