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An awesome challenge: building in charts and maps into summary report

Question asked by sunil72 on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by BruceRobertson

The context: Govt.  of X is  running a multiple state skill  development programme. The programme's monitoring & evaluation team  intends to carry out a review of the performance of the programme. The  stakeholders of the programme include states and project implementation  agencies (PIA), firms that train the candidates. As part of the review,  the M&E team aims to report state wise performance and PIA wise performance. The performance indicators are captured in different spreadsheets but the indicators are linked to unique IDs. Further, each record is a project that among other things  capture details on state, PIA, districts within state( this will come from other table) and training targets. So, the team  is aware that in FileMaker, the indicators (fields) will come from  different tables. The M&E team intends to include a lot of charts  and also preferably a map that will capture district wise targets that  have been assigned to the states. A  typical chart in a state wise summary will capture total number of  candidates that were trained in July, Aug and Sept. Within the state summary the chart will capture total number of candidates that were trained in July, Aug and Sept. How should the team proceed in developing the report?