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    Truncated Checkbox Text (Text is cut off)


      I’m on Windows 7 w/ FMP Pro 13.

      My issue:  the text in my checkbox fields is randomly being truncated whenever I print (directly to a printer or to PDF).  See attached image; highlights are areas where text is cut off.  There does not appear to be a pattern.  I had temporarily solved the problem when I turned all checkbox text from Arial to Tahoma, but the problem came back (even though all checkbox text is still Tahoma).  Thoughts?

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          I've had this issue before as well, but wasn't able to resolve it.

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            Thank you for your post.


            Our Development and Testing departments are aware of an issue under Windows where the last letter of certain checkbox set and radio buttons are truncated when the field is formatted with Tahoma font, 14 point.  This occurred in FileMaker Pro 13.0v1 and 13.0v2, but was fixed in FileMaker Pro 13.0v3.  Can you verify your version of FileMaker Pro 13?


            If you are using FileMaker Pro 13.0v1 or 13.0v2, please update to FileMaker Pro 13.0v9 via Knowledge Base Article #14358:


            Security Update - FileMaker 13.0v9/FileMaker 12 | FileMaker



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              Thanks for the response!


              I am using FMP 13.0v9

              Also, I'm using Tahoma and Arial in 8pt.  And sometimes more than just one letter gets cut off, it's entire words, too.



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                Also - we are about to upgrade to FMP 14 - is the issue resolved in that version?

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                  The issue I mentioned was fixed in FileMaker Pro 13.0v3, so this is obviously not the same issue.


                  On your layout, what Theme is being used?  Are you using a default style for the field?  Was this field copied from another Layout with a different Theme?  If you create a new layout with a default theme and style, does the issue still occur?


                  How does the record appear in Preview mode?



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                    The theme is "Classic"

                    Style "default"

                    I don't think we've copied and pasted between layouts

                    In "preview" everything looks as it should - there are no issues with text being truncated


                    When I make a new layout and use default properties for theme and style, it appears that text is fine.

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                      Thank you for the information.


                      If this works in a new layout, then it could be a layout issue.  To be sure, duplicate your original layout so we can test with a copy of the layout.  Drag another instance of that field onto the duplicate layout, format it for Checkbox set, and see if the issue appears.  If so, then change the Theme from Classic to another theme.  Does this now work?


                      Also keep in mind that we announced in FileMaker Pro 13 that the Classic theme was being deprecated, and in FileMaker Pro 14, the Classic theme has been removed.  For more information about deprecated features, see Knowledge Base Article #12641 at:    FileMaker 13 deprecated features | FileMaker


                      Keep me updated with any progress.



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                        I changed the theme to something that was NOT included on the list of deprecated features for FM 13 -- it appears to have solved the problem -- thanks!

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                          Hang on a moment. Are you suggesting that a layout based on Classic theme no longer works because Classic theme has been deprecated?

                          In developer sessions we were told by davidhead that any themes which we had used in our files would be preserved in the file. We did not need to worry about themes being removed from future versions because the themes that we used in our files were going to be treated as objects that were attached to the layout.  Certainly, after a theme had been removed it would not be available as a template but the existing layouts would not be affected.

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                            I am NOT suggesting "that a layout based on Classic theme no longer works because Classic theme has been deprecated."  My goal for "Allison" was to determine why the text was being cut off.  During the course of our exchange, she mentioned "we are about to upgrade to FMP 14" and that she was using the Classic theme.  Therefore, I gave her the information about the Classic theme being deprecated.  In the end, when she changed to a different theme, she no longer had the issue.  At this point, I don't know if the Classic theme was damaged, or an object on the layout, but she is able to proceed.


                            The information you received from David Head is correct.  The Classic theme was originally created for Instant Web Publishing and is quite different from other themes.  With the amount of work required to continually keep it current, a decision was made to deprecate the Classic theme.  Even though the Classic theme has been removed in FileMaker Pro 14, a custom "Classic" theme would be migrated from a previous version of FileMaker Pro into FileMaker Pro 14, and when you open the older file in FileMaker Pro 14, you will see a Classic theme listed.  When you create a new file, you will not see a Classic theme.



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                              This problem can emerge or persist, if environmental factors change.


                              Corp environment, Windows 7/ FMS 12 (sigh)/ clients are all FMP 12.  (and the problem is especially annoying to troubleshoot, because what you see in Preview is not what actually prints, so you have to keep printing (pdf and hc the same))


                              One of our solutions is about 8 yrs old and has just had this manifest on one particular print layout, which worked fine until around one week ago.  (Hypothesis is that this change coincides with a network patch.)


                              Attempted solution:  creating a copy of the layout, with a non-Classic theme applied.  Limited options in v12 so went with Condensed Light.  Had to create a new copy of the field and format it (briefly reformatting the field to prod good behaviour does not work in v12).  The alignment between box and text is wrong in Trubuchet but right in Arial.  (grrr)  But in Arial, the box has fuzzy borders (grrr).  Result:  haven't yet come up with a 'client-acceptable' solution.


                              Note:  as dev, I have FMPA 12 - 15 available so I can test plenty of options,


                              Observation:  this problem can manifest in any version of FMP 12 - 15, given:

                              1)  a Classic layout, and

                              2)  specific (but undefined) - changed - network parameters, eg printer drivers


                              The obvious solution is a server upgrade, combined with a bit of layout elbow grease, but unfortunately that option remains unscheduled.