Font changed from default for field with FMGo entries

Discussion created by tcmeyers on Sep 16, 2015
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When a layout originally designed for desktop (FMP, Mac) use is used in FileMaker Go 14.0.2 to input typed data, the text stored in the field is more than just the typed data, it has been given a font assignment different than the default for the field. This did NOT happen in FMGo 13.


I think this probably occurs when the font the field was designed with is not one of the fonts of iOS. I have observed it in a field laid out as Geneva... and the text entered via the iPad or iPhone (FMGo 14 only) is then displayed on the desktop (FMPA 14) as Helvetica. Similarly, a field defined in Layout as Courier ends up with text given the Monaco font. This makes for very inconsistent-looking displays.


FMGo 13 didn't have this problem, and things displayed in Go and Pro looked fine, edits did not change fonts.


In FMGo 14, text that is supposed to look like Courier does, though... when it is entered using FMPro on the desktop. So I'm not sure why a field laid out to be Courier would have to become Monaco-refonted just because it was entered in FMGo instead. Maybe my guess about incompatible fonts is not correct, since display in FMGo 14 seems fine.


To test this, I edited text entered originally in FMPro (as the field-defined Geneva) and view it in FMGo 14 on the iPhone then added a little more text in the same record, same field, via FMGo 14 on the iPhone. The display of the text did not change at all on the iPhone, but on committing the record on the iPhone ALL of the text in the field as viewed on the desktop became Helvetica.


As a further experiment, I colored the font of just one of the words red on the desktop machine, and on commit that word indeed did turn red on the iPhone, so it's clear that mixing that kind of style change is FMGo 14- compatible. Then using the desktop again I changed the font of one of the words (all of which are still Helvetica from being altered by FMGo earlier) to Courier, and this displayed fine on the iPhone. Then, on the iPhone I added one more word again. The earlier word I had set to Courier now is displayed as Monaco on in FMPro on the desktop.


It seems like FMGo 14 (or iOS) handles the display of Geneva and Courier just fine, but inappropriately changes text, even text that wasn't entered via FMGo to Helvetica and Monaco, if the field is edited at all. Which look terrible all of a sudden for the FMPro layouts because the fonts don't match other fields in the layout.


Screenshots or test files can be made available.