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    Checkbox Next to Text?


      i am trying to add a checkboxes in front of a series of text boxes that will be clicked to indicate they have been read and acknowledged. for example:


      [checkbox] I give my permission for breastfeeding consultation services to be performed by the undersigned International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). This consultation may consist of the following: a medical history of me and my baby, a physical assessment of my breasts, an assessment of how my baby breastfeeds including an examination of his/her mouth and tongue, the use of breastfeeding aids and equipment, helpful hints and other educational information to help me breastfeed.


      [checkbox] I understand that I am financially responsible for all supplies used at the time of my consult.



      etc. etc.


      this seems like a very simple thing to do but i can't figure it out. any suggestions?