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FM Pro vs Advanced, speed issues on Win

Question asked by siplus on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2015 by mardikennedy

Hi all,


I've been testing the performance of FM Pro 13 compared to FM Pro 13 Advanced on a Windows machine, through a script that does a lot of ExecuteSQL and looping, both through records and repeating fields.


On the same machine, connected to the same server used only by me, I consistently saw Adv outperforming Pro with an average 40% in milliseconds.


FM cache for the client was set to the same amount (512 MB). The 2 FM versions were not running at the same time, I did quit one before using the other.


Did anybody run into this pattern ? We're new to deploying to Windows and having the "normal" version being that much slower than the version we use for developing is turning into being a major headache, because 1.5 secs can be acceptable but 2.1 secs are not, as we are exactly riding a precise human perception threshold.