Security issues with Filemaker Server

Discussion created by isvsecwatch on Sep 18, 2015
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We recently became aware of two security issues for Filemaker Server;


  1. The bundled Java SE installed by the trial version is woefully out of date; Java 8 U31 is installed, when U60 is the current, supported version of the software available from Oracle.
  2. Filemaker Server ships with weak 512-bit DH keys, and prioritises the DHE ciphers over static ones, which quite likely makes it vulnerable to things like the Logjam attack. The minimum size DH key currently recommended is 2048-bit, see Weak Diffie-Hellman and the Logjam Attack for details.


This means that by default, any instance of Filemaker Server exposed to the Internet will be vulnerable in ways that few users will be aware of, and, even if they are aware, they can do nothing about, because there does not seem to be a documented way to define the cipher suite offered by Filemaker Server on port 5003.


For an example of this problem on one of quite a few Filemaker Server instances on the Internet, see; - filemaker database server · Issue #46 · isvsecwatch/httpstracker · GitHub


Again, the above is one example, there are a lot more of them.


Please review your code, and update your software.