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Avoid <No Access> Layout

Question asked by Suresh on Sep 18, 2015
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Dear All,


My database has 65 Layouts with 25+ Users & 11 Access privilege types. Using FileMaker Pro 12.0v1 / Windows XP SP3


Already make a homepage for those layouts who everyone can access that homepage while they Login. And so, for certain people i created a script for automatically direct to certain layout while they login.


That Script is,


If (GetAccountName)="John"

Go to Layout ["Marketing Layout"(Marketing)]

If (GetAccountName)="Steevin"

Go to Layout ["HR Layout"(HR)]

If (GetAccountName)="Rachel"

Else If[ Get(Layout Access) = 0 ]

Go to Layout["Auth Error"(Error)]


Go to Layout["Home"(Home)]

End If


Every layout has shortcut for another layout, so except hide option(FMP12.0v1 doesn't contains hide/lock option), i tried that if they doesnot have authorization it will go to certain page which contains "Request for Authentication". After they clicked which was unauthorized layout means at the time they saw <No Access> screen.


So here i required, After they logged on, while they switch to unauthorized layout while they got <No Access>, it should need to direct to "Request for Authentication" page or "Homepage".


Is above script correct? Should it contains error?


Help me to solve.!!


Solutions appreciatiated most!!