Administrator groups disappearing from FMS 14

Discussion created by jpampalon on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by Dhrakar

Individual administrator groups are being lost from FMS 14 after an unknown time interval. We add them back, and they work fine afterwards. But after some amount of time, a group will disappear from the console. Sometimes all groups are lost and other times only a single group is lost.


Administrator groups which are lost both no longer show in the admin console and are no longer valid for logging into the admin console.


This issue is exactly the same as the one here except with FMS 14:


It is also linked on the Known Bug List for FMS 13 here: Known Bug List . Report an issue . Bug Report . FileMaker Forums


The issue for FMS 13 is listed on the Known Bug List as a "Nuisance" which I think is too low of a priority. This bug reduces the reliability of hosting databases with granular levels of access since such levels of access cannot be relied upon, and it erodes hosting client confidence for the same reason. It is especially frustrating that this bug exists in both FMS 13 and 14.