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    Ping FMS?


      I thought there was a built in function for pinging the FMS. I though it was a Get function but I can't seem to find it and I may be mistaken.




      If it's not built in, it should be.

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          Nope... what is that you're trying to achieve?


          As long as you are connected to FMS, FMP and FMS are constantly "pinging" each other even when you are otherwise idle.


          If the connection drops, FM will tell you.  With FM14 you get an option to reconnect, in all previous versions you get kicked out of the files.

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            Are you thinking of functions like getConnectionState introduced for fmGo? See New features in FileMaker Pro 13

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              Wim, what I am trying to accomplish is an image heavy layout displaying hi res or low res or super lo res images based on ping to server. If the connection is slower than a set point then lower res layout or display calc will be used for remote connections.

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                I wrote  a GetLatency function for ScriptMaster which is on FMforums... You can obviously point that at your FM server.

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                  Thanks. I will take a look.

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                    I have a subscript on opening that records - in a global variable - a time for running a few specific steps. It just gives me a reference point.  If it's a 'low' value, the performance is 'fast' and if it's a high value, it's slow, so I better anticipate a Plan B/ Plan C/ Plan D in the UI alternatives.   Thereafter, various scripts check the global variable to choose an appropriate UI behaviour.


                    It's pretty rough and ready, in that it assumes relatively consistent latency on LAN/ WAN/ wifi which is a bit unrealistic, but at least it gives me a fairly flexible framework.  Also, I had to spend a bit of time working out/ experimenting with what my 'timing scale' would be.


                    A 'real ping', dynamically usable function would be great.