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Consuming SAP Web Services from FileMaker

Question asked by RafaelCaballe on Sep 18, 2015
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I need to consume a SAP Web Service from a FileMaker solution. The service uses a SOAP Protocol, so I have to generate and .xml request to the web service and it will return an .xml. The last one will need some parsing to extract the result of the request.


I have learnt that this kind of situations was solved in the past with the FM Nexus Web Services Plug-in. The plug-in "read" the WSDL document, which in essence defines the web service functions, and created a bunch of external functions that could be used right from our FileMaker calculation dialog. These functions automatically generated the request .xml file to be submitted to the web service.


Additionally, the plug-in provided some functions to parse the .xml returned by the web service by using XPATH syntax. So it was a nice round solution!


It seems that this plug-in is not available anymore. I can't download it from this link. What has happened to this plug-in? If it is really discontinued, it is a huge loss for the whole FileMaker community. Web Services are the most common way to communicate among systems, much more than ODBC. So we need an alternative way to handle Web Services from within FileMaker!


Does anyone know any alternative way to accomplish what I have described?