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Update a record using CWP

Question asked by foxman on Sep 18, 2015
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Hi, I've currently got a script that takes JSON data and using the Filemaker API, puts it into my Filemaker database. This works great, I run my php script and it fills my filemaker table with all the pulled in data.The issue I have is when a record in the table needs to be updated, the api skips the record it as there is a unique field in the filemaker database (my chosen key field) as it already exists.


I can get round this by using php to create a csv from the Json, then run a script to import into filemaker matching on the unique field, but it seems more of a hack than a robust solution.


Is there a way of grabbing the internal record id from filemaker when creating it so it can be used to update the record if it already exists?


Or is there another way of updating I haven't though of through the api?