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    Layout Tabs


      1) I have created a layout with tabs. At times I need to add a new field to an existing tab. Some new fields, but not all, are showing up on all my tabs. How do I correct this?


      2) Is there a precise way to size a field on a layout without doing it manually with a mouse?

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          chances are you're not dragging and dropping the field completely/correctly onto the tab you are trying to place it on. This can cause fields to show up on other tabs, or not at all (behind the tab control). Also fields will disappear if you resize the tab control object so they are no longer visible.


          make sure the fields are on the tabs with room on all 4 sides, if they still don't show up then try selecting them and using the arrow keys to slightly shift them, this "bump" causes them to layer onto the active tab in layout mode if they weren't there originally. Also familiarize yourself with the arrange buttons in the first tab of the inspector. Bring forward/to front, and send backwards/to back are all useful when dealing with multi-layered objects like tab controls.

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            I'm not sure about the tabs, but I can answer your question regarding field size.  When you are in layout mode go to view and click on Inspector.  It will open another window.  In that window you can click on the Position Tab which has size both width and height.  You just select your field and type in the size you want.

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              Mike B has nicely answered your first question. To your second question, use the dimension fields on the Position tab of the Inspector:


              Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 2.44.26 PM.png