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hey now, all you sinners, hey now, all you lovers (of copy&paste...)

Discussion created by Markus Schneider on Sep 20, 2015
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for the second time, we are running into troubles after a customer updated an older FileMaker solution to a new hardware, new OS, new VM version, new citrix server, etc... No change in FM/FMS (same versions)


testing was without any problems (as always... if You want to know what a software can do - test it. If You want to know what a software can NOT do, buy it, use it daily...)


after going 'live', sometimes blank outputs appeared, wrong data on outputs... We tested quite a while to nail it down.

- there were scripts that are using copy&paste instead of using variables (ie)

- sometimes, the clipboard was empty after copying

- if there was some data in the clipboard before the new copy command, the clipboard became empty


(as a sidenote: We copied the solution to our machines, absolutely no problems (local AND on our servers))


we solved that by changing all the copy/paste scriptsteps - and did some searches...


cant copy/paste from guest to host | VMware Communities


we had different environments, VMWare Horizon, other versions of VMWare, citrix, etc - but t seems to be the same issue. It's *not* everytime, a loop showed that 20-30% of the copy&paste failed, up to 80% were fine



so, when You find strange behavior in an older solution after some updates: Chances are good, that it's the copy&paste thing. Several updates wirked fine, even when there are copy&paste as well. Manual copy and paste shows the same effect: Clipboard is empty.. More strange: I never was able to reproduce with Word - but often with FileMaker and Adobe Reader (Reader displayed an error message regarding the clipboad, but the clipboard contained the correct date)


in one environment, after we changed all of the copy&paste steps, IT did an update of VMWare/Horizon - abd the clipboard was fine afterwards... But the postings from the forums show that it can be the other way...


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