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    How to delete a portal row?


      Objective: Delete a portal row.

      Problem: When I click my assigned button it deletes the layout record.

      Setup: I created a button and assigned 'Delete Portal Row' step and placed the button in the row.

      Q: Why is it deleting the record on the layout and not the row in the portal?

      Thank you.



      Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.41.19 pm.png


      Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.46.03 pm.png

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          I worked it out. I had to un tick a box in the relationship.


          Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.55.04 pm.png

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            Ouch! that hurts!


            Deleting the parent record that created the child...


            Fature request to filemaker - show the relationship graph type (one to many, many to one etc) within this dialogue box, between the two tables!!

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              Glad you worked it out. Since there is NO premium on storage space today and a huge premium on data, let me suggest a concept shown to me by another developer.  To avoid actually deleting records, a "Hide" condition is created.




              Create two fields in each of your tables. One is a calc field call "One"  Value = 1 and the other is a number field called Hide.


              Lets say you have an invoice Table and a line items table.  You want the user to "delete" line items when a mistake is made, but you want to make sure nothing gets deleted by mistake.  Create a relationship between the tables where one of the joins is Hide(Line Items Table)  not equal One  (Invoice table)


              Create a button that sets the value of "Hide" to 1 in the line items table.  This breaks the relationship and appears to remove the item from the invoice without actually deleting any records.
              Imagine what can happen when an employee gets ad and decides to delete a bunch of mission critical data.  You may have back ups, but depending on transaction volume, losing an hour's work or worse can cause havoc. 


              In the system I created, the only person who can actually delete a record is me.



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                I think that your solution is correct. I propose the screenshot with my solution.






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                  It's good solution. Also I use the security->PrivilegeSet-> View record if not (value).