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setting a path to an image for container field not working

Question asked by samozaparola on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by JulioSandoval

I have a container field frontCover which is supposed to display an image from an external source, based on the international standard book number, which is stored into an ISBN10 text field. I used the following script with no success:


Set Field [ books_cat::frontCover ; "imagewin:C:/Users/epm/Desktop/pdf_PREP/" & books_cat::ISBN10 & ".png" ]


When I execute this script, I get "The file cannot be found 1234567890.png" displayed in the container field.


So is this due to an error in the script itself, or the container field has to be set up in a particular way?

Is it possible to use a relative path (relative to the filemaker solution file) instead of the absolute one in the script example above?

How can I trigger the script on next record load?