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Getting the count of a related field with a condition

Question asked by raykennedy on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by mr_buffy

Looking to get a count of specific field based on conditions.


Simple example
Table 1 = Contacts

Table 2 = Phone Numbers (related table)


Table of Phone numbers has a field of phoneType ("Office","Cell","Fax" etc)


I would like to count the number of related records with a condition that says if ( phoneType="Cell") or something like that and than take action based on what the count is. I don't need the count of all related records for that table, just the ones that match the condition.


I know I can get the Count of related records using the Count() script and/or do a summary field. This will all be done on a script trigger of on modify on the drop down when the user changes the phoneType in a portal from the layout of the Contacts.


My main question or obstacle is I am not sure how to incorporate the condition in the count, I only know how to count all related records.

Any thoughts?