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Attempting to use ExecuteSQL

Question asked by raykennedy on Sep 19, 2015
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I am attempting to experiment with ExecuteSQL. I am familiar with MySQL so the syntax is very comfortable. In this example I am using two tables.


Table 1: CONTACT (with records entered)

Table 2: TEST_SQL (there is no relationship created in relationship graph)


On the TEST_SQL layout I just simply put  a field called results just to experiment with some basic queries. This is a calculation field set to "text" with this basic ExecuteSQL statement in the calculations options.


ExecuteSQL("SELECT CONTACT::conLastName FROM CONTACT"; "";"")


The result I get is a ?.


Is there something I am missing, is there a reason why this won't execute? My understand there does not have to be a relationship setup in the graph for SQL calls or am I mistaken?


See an attached photo to help demonstrate what I am doing if needed. If it is important, I am OS X Yosemite (10.10). Currently have Filemaker pro Advanced 12 but am using the trial version of Filemaker Pro 14.