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Reply in Inbox connected to wrong post

Question asked by user19752 on Sep 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2015 by user19752

I made a reply in inbox, then lost it from the thread.

In inbox, I use the "reply" link on this post, the last in the thread.

Re: Multiple Instances of server in local host

then the result was


Sorry for there is Japanese in screen.

I replyed to szeigen, but made to MichaelHeider, there is no post from him in the thread.


On Winodws7, Firefox40.0.3

I don't know this is related or not, I logged in as "always logged in" on this PC, and I change the language in preferences Japanese to English on another PC, but the page is stay Japanese since not reloaded yet.

I noticed just now, there is "3 hours ago" in top line of screen, it is already changed to English, but other components are Japanese...