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Hi - here´s the noob :)

Question asked by RandolfKossler on Sep 20, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by gdurniak

established (sorry - still running the good old FM Pro 11) a nice conglomerate of DB´s where from a central DB (called Portal) all Work-organisation, planning, safety-measures, HR, work-flow planning etc. data are managed....

But somehow I am to stupid to put it on our Intranet.

If I go with Help-File, I should activate Instant web publishing for each and any file - so far so good, I did.

But nowhere I find a build (*.htm, *.html or something) which would be exportable to the webspace to be used ????

BTW the web-version should be accessable "read-only" but buttons, selections etc. have to work...

Looking forward for some beatdowns with the garden fence, but I just dont get the point....

THX in advance R