Custom layout access allows layout mode all layouts

Discussion created by cortical on Sep 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Fred(CH)

FileMaker Pro 14 v.0.2

Mac OS 10.9.5


Had been noticing layout access in accounts that should not permit layout mode access.

Clean test file attached that demonstrates the issue



If a privilege set has custom layout privileges enabled, and one layout is given Layout modifiable status, then layout mode can be invoked on all layouts, irregardless of wether they are modifiable or view only


While layout mode can be invoked on view only layouts, no changes can be made on these layouts - which is as expected.


If the one layout given modifiable is reset to view only, then layout mode is not available on any layout, which is as expected.


Whether this is a bug or not is open, but it does seem an inconsistency, or at least unexpected. Custom menus implemented have probably masked this previously.

Demo file

the routine_de privilege set is a copy of Data Entry Only; available menu command = All

the only modification is to allow modifiable on one layout only

I only noticed this behaviour due to a missed one layout only allow modification