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Open URL [fmp://~/…] in FMP 14

Question asked by alex_zueiv on Sep 21, 2015

FMP URL scheme in v.14.0.2 allows to open other db files from any level of subfolders of the user's Documents folder. The function Get() returns wrong results for the files opened that way:


Get ( FileName ) returns the path specified in the URL, for example:



Get ( FilePath ) encodes slashes specified in the URL, for example:

file:/Macintosh HD/Users/zueiv/Documents/Subfolder%2FSub-Subfolder%2FTestFile.fmp12


To reproduce the problem perform the script step Open URL and specify the path to any FMP file in your Documents folder, for example:


Open URL [ "fmp://~/Subfolder/Sub-Subfolder/TestFile.fmp12" ]


Or you can simple go to such url from your Browser.


FMP 13 does not allow that. Is it a bug or a new feature of FMP 14?