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    ExecuteSQL and found set (using the IN part of the WHERE clause)


      Kevin Frank has posted another blog on


      Found Set Awareness Revisited | FileMakerHacks


      For ExecuteSQL newbies, there are MANY articles on ExecuteSQL on this site. ExecuteSQL | FileMakerHacks


      Specifically these are a first step to learn (get the PDF and example files, the actual blog is "phase one"!):


      The Missing FM 12 ExecuteSQL Reference | FileMakerHacks

      in Japanese, the link to that PDF is here:

      The Missing FileMaker 12 ExecuteSQL Referenceの日本語訳 | Not Only FileMaker


      Only a few changes in FM13 & 14 (the new clauses for FIRST and OFFSET), are noted here:

      FileMaker SQL Archives - SeedCode


      For writing the SQL, the listed resources have at least two 'template' databases that help you get the syntax more correct.