Limiting Access On A Record-By-Record Basis

Discussion created by on Sep 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Malcolm

Hi everybody, i'm going to implement a Limiting Access On A Record-By-Record Basis.

In my table i created a Custom Privilege that shows records when this calculation is true:

Table::idCompany = $$SESSION.IDCOMPANY

Users have access to DB via external authentication, authentication works properly (i get the right group and privilege) and $$SESSION.IDCOMPANY it is properly set by a login/session script step.

But my problem is that the find script return 401 in every case (but is not true - records exist).

I also tried to set a script with full privilege or manually entering in find mode, but i get always 401 error.

I tried to follow this topic but I don't obtain no solution.

What's wrong?

Thanks in advance,