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    Unwanted Data Change Via Relationship


      Random data keep changing in my filemaker database. Is it possible that data changes automatically based on relationships even if I don't have the "All creation of records via this relationship" checked?

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          data edits are different than record creation, so that checkbox has no influence.


          I would check your auto-enter/looked up value calculations to see if something is triggering off there.


          More importantly, do you have a modification user/timestamp field that you can use to determine who/when is editing those records. Those fields are a must-have in most tables, along with primary key, and creation user/timestamp.


          You might also want to update your permissions to make sure some users aren't making errant changes.

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            Mike is right ...

            Data edits are not the same as record creation.

            What exactly do you men by random?

            A little more specifics is really needed here to recommend a solution..

            More along the lines of I have this setup and when i do this i expect this but get this.

            I have found that if i develop a solid comprehensible question then the solution becomes obvious.

            You can always post the file so we can have a look.