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Web Direct not displaying distal tables in portal

Question asked by coherentkris on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by coherentkris

I've been fighting this issue for a while and gotta reach out beyond the report an issue forum.


Occasionally I can not see data from 4, 3, or 2 hops deep in the relationship graph via Web Direct portal.

Seems to be unpredictable and not browser specific.


I'm on FMS 13v10 on windows server.


I have made sure their is valid data to show in the portal, have validated that their is one and only one related record across the relationships, that the match fields are of the same type (number) and do not contain any text.


I have run a recover just to check for errors and found none.


Made sure that the edit boxes in the portal are enclosed in the portal and that they are not set to show invisible font color choices.


I have turned on and off the indexes of each field in the chain just to let FM refresh them in case it was a contributing, but highly unlikely, factor.

Any ideas?


This issue does NOT present in FMPA client only Web Direct. Is it possible that the server is underpowered could be a cause?


Help me Obi Wan.. your my only hope...


And no i'm not wearing danishes on my head.